Thursday, August 09, 2012

MTR holds a special place in the family. M and I have visited this place umpteen number of times. It's proximity to our house and the fact that Lalbagh is close to it makes it all the more appealing.

Everything about that place is nice. The people there who greet me. The hustle-bustle of the place, specially in the mornings. Knowing that i can get a cup of sambar even when it's past eight in the morning and getting to sit early if the crowd is less, courtesy father. The aroma of coffee hits one instantly as one enters the hotel. The counter at the beginning of the stairs where people get coupons for coffee. And the freezer beside it where somebody's chopping fruits and cleaning cherries for the fruit salads.

The black-and-white photos which one sees along the flight of stairs and in the waiting halls on the first floor. The man with the notepad at the entrance of the dining are on the first floor who notes the names of people. The first floor is calmer when compared to the ground floor. The amazing chutney one gets there. And the tiny bowls of ghee on your plate accompanying your savoury dish.

The doses, the bisibele bath, the rice idlies and the vadas. Their kesari bath and damroot. And above all their sambar. I understand they do not taste as delicious as they did fifteen years ago.

I picture the kesari bath and remember it's taste as i type.


Niveditha said...

The overall quality has somewhat deteriorated over the years. But it's still better than most places. Damn it, Mouna, this post is making me crave for a proper South Indian oota :(

mouna said...

there are many udupi hotels in mumbai which are quite nice, alva?

Purple Mist said...

They're ok but I feel food tastes better in blore ;)