Monday, July 23, 2012

I write this after i read a post on Iranians on another blog.

We have a lot of people from Iran (Iranians) at Mysore. During my initial days there, i was very surprised to find them. Why would people from Iran come to India, of all places Mysore to study? There must be very strong reasons for them to travel across oceans and study in a foreign land. I didn't know anything on Iran then and i don't know if i can say i'm better now.

Very light coloured skin and hair, somewhat longer faces, some women wear scarves, the men - well built and tall. I started recognizing them after i got used to seeing them around. We had two women from there in our class. I don't know if they preferred to remain aloof or not. I used to exchange courtesies with them and learnt that we have some common words between us. But that was it, we never went forward from there.

During that time, i had seen a few Iranian movies and somehow they appealed to me. I guess i became more aware of it after i started reading on Afghanistan.

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