Thursday, July 19, 2012

I miss Indian fiction. Not that i read much in the past few years. I didn't have the time, Mother was in the US. Then T stayed with us for a few months. I guess, getting a minimal amount of sleep was the topmost priority then. Reading anything was so out of the question. After this, when i had the time, i didn't feel like reading anything new.

I miss reading Khalid Hosseini, Satyajit Ray, Rohington Mistry and 'to kill a mockingbird', though i've read them a number of times. Picking one, i start at a random page. Perhaps, it comforts me after a tiring day. I don't have to grasp anything new, as i already know the plot. And i don't have to be careful with the reading bit as well. It's just a mechnical process, i think.


Niveditha said...

Yeah, I miss reading too.. I don't get much time to read.. just wondering, have you read Amitav Ghosh?

mouna said...

i think i have. though not any of the recent titles.