Wednesday, July 18, 2012

As much as i support reservations, i strongly feel that those who really deserve actually do not get it. People who condemn this whole idea, i guess, they should look around with a broader outlook. It is impossible to look at people from one single point of view. There is hardly any leveling factor.

I hate it when people wear their community identities on their sleeves. Though i've had minor instances of this in Bangalore, it was Mysore which actually opened my eyes to this. But at times, this is pointed at even if one does not want it. I guess, all of us have had such moments and will have them in the future too. It's not pleasant when somebody tells me that he didn't expect me to speak Kannada like that of the 'learned classes' though i don't belong to that group of population (i don't mean to point this out, but it's there in us).

This is tagging me with a 'section' of population, is it not?

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