Thursday, June 28, 2012

Was just thinking about the things that i miss about Bangalore. I remember the first thing that i would do on reaching home from Mysore, was to have a look at my room and realize that it was the same as i had left it. Not much would change i suppose.

About Bangalore, i miss going to the Indian Institute of World Culture every Tuesdays and Fridays. The 'hanging out' part until Deviah came and threatened that he'll complain to the secretary which used to happen everytime. I miss idling on M. G. Road and Commercial Street eating roasted peanuts sold from one amongst the many carts dotting the area. Going to Gandhi Bazaar after art class to buy something that mother had asked me to. Shopping there during festivals, the scenes there during festivities is amazing. Stopping at a traffic signal near Hudson Circle. Shopping at Bhaskar and Bhaskar on Avenue Road for my painting and drawing material. Speaking Kannada.

I miss riding my bike. I miss sitting on the tank-bund in Lalbagh in the evenings watching the sundown. I miss grocery-shopping near my house. Cooking at home. Watching it rain heavily. Smelling that smell when it rains (i don't get it here, i don't why). Walking barefoot on red floors. The fragrance of jasmine. Vendors near my house sell flowers at night. I think it's perfect, the night and the scent. Bright colours everywhere. The aura of the incense sticks that mother lights everyday. The soft-water that our well provides (i always hope it never runs dry, inshallah!). Drinking Indian tea (the tea that is sold here does not come anywhere close to it) at home and outside. The quiet surroundings when there's a power cut.

And of course, some people and things that we did together.

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