Friday, June 22, 2012

A constant sound is made by the continuous running of machines. Perhaps, two or three. At first, it was just another sound in the otherwise quiet neighborhood. And when i hear the same, progressively for more days, it becomes a nuisance. Finally i term it irritating when my head begins to throb.

After hearing that reverberation for seemingly endless periods of time (praying all the time for it to end), and when it does stop, there is the floating-on-cloud-nine-for-a-moment kind of a situation. The ears appear to be blessed by the powers that be and are at peace. Everything is at a standstill. Until an extremely soft 'static' seems to drown the silence for some time. This happens when i really concentrate on the lull. Until i get accustomed to the muteness around me.

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Purple Mist said...

I know that feeling!