Saturday, June 09, 2012

At home, we have the yellow thread (yellow because of turmeric) which is wound around the kalasha during two festivals (i think it's two) in one year. One has to be Ugadi and the second must be Dasara or Ganesha Chaturthi (i'm not sure of this). And most of the times, it's optional whether i want it tied around my wrist. If i desire it, then it's basically because i want my wrist to be adored with something, which is colored. After having seen most people wearing something on themselves, i wish to do so at times too. Finger rings of specific stones or 'blessed' threads from different holy places in India; the most popular one being the black one from Tirupathi (is there a better way to describe this?).

It was once when i tied the bright vermillion 'blessed' thread from Shirdi. A friend was wearing it and i was attracted by the beautiful colour. I had that for a couple of weeks until the vermillion wore off to a tired shade of pink.

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