Saturday, May 12, 2012

I guess i met him about a month ago. Having wasted an entire morning, i was frustrated with myself. I wanted to go back to my room and was glad to see a bus come by.

As the doors of the bus opened, i was greeted in Hindi. Shocked, i assumed to be dreaming (who, apart from people from the Indian subcontinent would speak in Hindi here!). As my destination arrived, i stood near the door. He again spoke to me in Hindi. And this time i knew that it could certainly not be imagined. I thanked him, and disembarked from the bus. Another fellow Indian spoke to the driver in Hindi, and i inquired about the former.

The person who drove the bus was an Afghani who liked to converse in Hindi with Indians. With his hair almost white, a smile constantly on his face; i'll never forget that face.

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