Monday, May 07, 2012

I don't know if Hinduism prohibits one from smoking and drinking alcohol. I think not (my guess). A friend here was quite surprised to hear that my religion does not ban it. But, lets admit that both cause harm to the body, especially the former.

I have friends who are vegetarians and they do smoke and drink alcohol. What my past opinion was of such people and what i think of such people presently does not picture here. I did ask them this: they knew that the human body is not very comfortable with both but they still continue with it. On the contrary, what prevents them from consuming meat? If the reasons that are given - they just want to enjoy life before they get serious (this is cliched, i agree), they can as well do this. What prevents them from doing so, is it the practices that are instilled in them, which keeps them from doing so (in the actual sense of the word)? I don't know.

I wasn't given an answer to this question of mine.

I'm definitely not against anybody here. But, you do understand that the body's not liking it very much, but it still is ok. But, (just) because something is forbidden (?), you don't do it?

Am i being clear here?

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