Wednesday, April 11, 2012

When we were kids, we used to visit M. G. Road often. Plaza there used to host good movies. I don't know why but i liked Plaza. A small theater with a small screen. Moreover, there was a softy stall in front where one could buy delicious softys'. There also was a popcorn machine to the right as one entered the doors of Plaza. We've spent quite a few Sunday afternoons there. When we didn't go there for a movie, we stopped there just to eat softys' and popcorn.

And it was a very easy commute then. When i tell people that both M. G. Road and Gandhi Bazaar is a ten minute journey from home, they refuse to believe me. After trying to impress this on them one or twice, i stop. These days such journeys can only be accomplished only on weekends and on holidays.

We used to borrow books from a library near Infantry Road, and visit Safina Plaza or Commercial Street on the way back home. It was a very regular thing for us to go there. These days, i would like to go there because i want to walk at places where i rambled around in my childhood. Yes, the frequency has reduced drastically.

In a way, i'm grateful to the malls that have sprung up in Bengaluru. Though i'm not a frequent visitor, it so attracts people. And these roads are comparatively less crowded and one can have a stroll in a sense of the word. Sometimes, i'm taken back to the atmosphere that lasted about ten years ago.

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