Sunday, April 01, 2012

The sun shines brightly. So bright that the rays prick the skin and cause slight discomfort. At the same time, a wind blows bringing in wifts of coolness into the room. Coolness that makes one wish for warm clothing for that moment.

Children play around. Their shouts can be heard through the closed windows. in between she can hear the wind howling outside. A low howl amidst the sharpness of the voices of the frolicking kids. As she peeps outside, she sees small heads floating around. She stand at an angle to enhance the view.

After some minutes, she pulls the grill outside the window back into it's place. Intricate patterns on the floor are created, when sunshine peeps through the holes in the grills. Lines of circles lie diagonally on the floor, sometimes connected, sometimes not. It is fascinating at times, when she enters the room and finds the floor decorated. She is alarmed for a moment and then realizes that it's just the light playing on the floor.

She waits for the darkness to envelope the surroundings. It's night by the time the sun sets. A week has passed since the days have become longer and she has to get used to this.

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