Friday, March 09, 2012

'The Dirty Picture' is a brave film. And Vidya Balan, a brave actor, i must say. There's something in it which compels me not to term it sleazy though.

It simply tells the story of how a woman was used for man's needs. And how derogatory a woman's existence can become, provided she does not use some common sense. But, with a you-can-ignore-the-society around us, this is real.

And i always tell this: it's not how a woman is dressed, it's how a man perceives it. I've fought fights with my parents regarding these things, to ensure that they understand my point of view.

If only the world thinks a little more than it does.


Anonymous said...

Excellent! All would be well written :)

Ms.Hegde said...

So much do I want to watch this movie just for Vidya's acting but sad i cannot probably take my little one with me so waiting for a sneak-peek opportunity:)