Thursday, October 20, 2011

I think i'll never forget this instance. I was transiting in Muscat, I had about five hours to catch my flight. And i was sitting with my laptop open. I was trying to figure out how to use the WiFi offered at the airport.

As an acquaintance and i were talking about it, we were asked a few questions on the same by two other people. And the acquaintance was explaining it all. As they proceeded on their way, they said 'Vanakkam' straight out-of-the blue.

I understand that i look very South-Indian, but it does not mean that i'm a 'Madrasi' so as to say, and my tongue is Tamil. I also understand from centuries, the region of South India was synonmous with 'Madras', now Chennai. Maybe, this is ok. When my own countrymen from above the Vindhyas label anybody from the south as a 'Madrasi', i shouldn't expect it from a random person who visits India from across the globe.

And to my countrymen/women (from north of the Vindhyas), please read something on India (whatever happened to the 'general knowledge' that we guys learnt in school, before you ask the next South Indian whether she or he speaks Tamil.

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