Sunday, October 09, 2011

I experienced an autumn (in the literal sense of the word here) and the winter is yet to set in. I was late, and my feet wore a pair of sandals, and i had a sweater thrown on my T-shirt. Looking outside from my room, i observed the environment to be cold. But the extent of it could only be fathomed only when i stepped out. I was freezing at the U-bahns, when walking to the Studentenwerk at Haderner Stern, and the most when waiting for somebody at the MVG Kundencenter. I was getting chilled, and my bones began to ache.

When i used to see English films back home, i used to wonder why people were always dressed in pullovers and jackets. Now, i know, one can't go out without one or two sweaters and shoes.

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Anand Balaji said...

Hmmm... I'd love to experience such weather, at least once. And don't forget to wear your woollen gloves :-)